How to Dispute APV

What is Automated Package Verification? (APV)

Automated Package Verification (APV) is a USPS system that streamlines the process of checking postage on packages with labels generated from PC Postage services. USPS will notify you, through LɅBL, when discrepancies are noted in package characteristics. USPS will then make payment adjustments to the postage for the affected items. It’s important to note that these packages are not subject to manual postage due process anymore. You can view the details of APV adjustments in the analytics section of your LɅBL account.

Which Packages Are Affected?

A postage difference typically occurs when the characteristics of the package used for label creation do not match the actual measurements. The actual measurements are obtained by USPS processing equipment.  This usually occurs for one of the following reasons:

  1. The weight on the shipping label is incorrect, resulting in a price difference either because a different rate was obtained, or because the package exceeded the limitations for the class chosen
  2. The dimensions of the package on the label were incorrect when compared to those of the actual package shipped
  3. An incorrect service or packaging was entered during label creation compared to the actual service or packaging used
  4. The origin or destination zip codes were entered incorrectly.

How to Submit a Dispute

If you disagree with the assessment of a certain package by USPS, you may submit a dispute. USPS will conduct a review of all data relating to the piece in question; if an error has occurred, USPS will work with LABL to return the amount.

To submit a dispute, you must reach out to USPS directly by sending an email to Include the following information in your message:

  • The package’s tracking number
  • The adjustment ID associated with the adjustment
  • An explanation of the dispute (provide as much detail as you can)

If further information or documentation is required, USPS will reach out to you via email. They will notify LɅBL when they reach a decision, which we will also forward to you via email.

For more information on the APV process, click HERE.