Create a Shipping Automation

Shipping Automations allow you to create rules for processing your orders within LABL. Use simple If and Then statements, you can dictate actions that LABL should take, based on the conditions you specify.

We have a comprehensive list of our favorite Shipping Automations with step-by-step instructions. If you already have a good idea of what you want to automate, this quick step guide will help you get started. 

What Orders Do Shipping Automations Apply To?

  • Rules Apply To Incoming Orders: Shipping Automations apply to all new orders that download from your integrated stores and those entered manually. 
  • New Rules Do Not Apply to Existing Orders: When you add new or make a change to a Shipping Automation, it will only apply to new orders received after saving the rule. Existing orders will be unaffected by Shipping Automation additions and edits. Use the Send Through Automation tool to apply rules to existing orders.