Exclude LABL Guarantee From Shopify Discounts

In this article, we will explain how to exclude LABL Guarantee from discounts in your Shopify store. There are two types of discounts in Shopify: "Amount off Products" and "Amount off Order" discounts, and we will cover both.

Excluding LABL Guarantee from "Amount off Order" Discounts:

  1. If you have "Amount 0ff Order" discounts, modify them to be "Amount off Products" discounts.
  2. Apply the newly configured "Amount off Products" discount to a new collection named "All Products."
  3. Review your existing "Amount off Product" discounts to ensure none of them apply to LABL Guarantee.

Excluding LABL Guarantee from "Amount off Products" Discounts:

  1. If your discount applies specifically to "Specific Products" under the "Applies to" section in Shopify, verify that LABL Guarantee is not among the selected items for the discount. Please note that this applies to "Amount off Products" discounts only.

Excluding LABL Guarantee from Collections:

1. If your discount is set to apply to "Specific Collections" under the "Applies to" section, confirm that LABL Protect is not included in the collection. You may need to review each collection individually to ensure LABL Guarantee is excluded. 

Note: This applies to "Amount off Products" discounts only.

Removing the "Amount off Order Discount:

  1. Create a new collection in Shopify containing all products except LABL Guarantee.
  2. Name this collection "All Products."
  3. Apply the discount to the "All Products" collection by creating an "Amount off Products"
  4. Select the "All Products" collection for discount application.
  5. This ensures that all products, except the LABL Guarantee, receive the discount.

Creating an "All Products" Collection:

  1. Log in to your Shopify account.
  2. Access the "Products" section from your Shopify dashboard.
  3. In the "Products" menu, navigate to "Collections." 
  4. Click "Create collection" in the upper right corner.
  5. Choose "Automated" as the collection type.
  6. Name the collection "All Store Products."
  7. Under "Conditions", select "Products must match: all conditions."
  8. Add the rule: "Product vendor is not equal to LABL Guarantee." 
  9. Add the rule: "Product type is not equal to Insurance."
  10. Save the collection.

Note: This collection automatically excludes LABL Guarantee, and any new products fitting the criteria will be added automatically.

Creating Coupons:

When creating coupons, you can define which products they can be applied to by adding collections to the coupon. If your collections include the rules mentioned earlier to exclude LABL Guarantee, simply select the collections you want the coupon to apply to when creating it. 

Modifying Existing Collections:

  1. In the "Products" section, navigate to the "Collections" tab.
  2. For each collection you've created, select the collection's name.
  3. Review the list of products within the collection and ensure that "LABL Guarantee" is not among them.
    1. Be sure to expand the list if you see the "Show more products" icon at the bottom.
  4. Repeat this process for all collections.

By following these steps, you'll exclude LABL Guarantee from applying discounts correctly.