How To Hide LABL Guarantee As a Product In My Shopify Store

Shopify employs a 'closed-cart' system, requiring LABL Guarantee to be an actual product in your store. This setup increases the total cart value, allowing customers to pay for protecting their order.

For stores with diverse products organized into collections without an overarching collection for all items, there's no need to hide LABL Guarantee as a product.

However, if your store has a collection encompassing all products and you want to hide LABL Guarantee from that list, follow these steps:

Create a new collection excluding LABL Guarantee


Set collection conditions to reference All Products. The collection type should be set to "Automated". Then add a couple of rules:

    • First, add the rule: Product vendor is not equal to
    • Second, add the rule: Product type is not equal to Insurance
    • Third, add the rule: Price is greater than $0


Save the collection, then change the main menu navigation to reference the new collection.


Select the Shop All navigation link.


Remove the former collection reference.


Select the new collection All Products you just created and click "Apply Changes" to enable the process.