Setting up LABL Protect with Recharge

LABL Protect works great with Recharge, whether you have elected to offer your customers LABL Package Protection, or simply want to allow them to protect future subscription orders. These steps will guide you through getting everything set up.

How it works

Integrating LABL Protection with Customer Subscriptions To ensure each customer subscription order includes LABL Protection, it's essential to add it as a subscription item during the checkout process. Integrating the LABL widget with Recharge is key, as it allows the widget to seamlessly add the appropriate LABL subscription variant to the shopping cart.

Functionality of the LABL Widget The LABL widget actively scans the Recharge subscription items present in the shopping cart, analyzing the frequency of each order. It then identifies and adds a corresponding LABL subscription variant to the cart, ensuring alignment with the customer's subscription preferences.


Setting up Recharge

To install the Recharge integration the following items are needed.

  • At least 1 connected store in your LABL account
  • Recharge must already be installed on your Shopify store

Configuring Recharge for LABL Integration For those familiar with setting up subscription items in Recharge, the process for integrating LABL Protection will be straightforward.

Start by reviewing the order schedule of your existing products. It's crucial to match both the frequency and duration accurately - for instance, “Every 30 days” and “Every 1 Month” are not the same. In Recharge, navigate to the Products section via the top menu and select the Products sub-menu. Use the Add products button located in the upper-right corner to search for and add LABL Protection. After adding LABL Protection, align its settings with your existing subscription offerings. This might involve adding various order schedules to cover all your subscription types. An example setup of LABL Protection within Recharge can be seen in the provided screenshot.

Adapting to Different Subscription Models If your product range includes both subscription-based and one-time purchase options, make sure this diversity is represented in the “Subscription Type” area. Choose the correct option based on whether your products are exclusively available through subscription or as Pre-paid subscriptions.

For stores offering products on varying schedules, such as every 15 or 30 days, it's important to add these specific schedules under the “Set order schedule” area. Customize this according to your store's unique requirements."


Please provide the following information (if any) to configure your account, then click the "Install" button, to be redirected to Recharge's site and approve our app.




    The following is a list of all active subscriptions. When Recharge schedules an upcoming charge, we look to see if any of the included product subscriptions are marked to add LABL Protect, at which point LABL Protect would be added as a one-time product to that upcoming charge.

    Click on the LABL Protect icon within a row to toggle it off/on.



    You are also able to manage LABL Protect within the Recharge app, see below.