Subscriptions and Invoices

LABL's platform offers customizable features. No monthly fees; users pay only for selected add-ons, ensuring transparent transactions. This guide navigates users through efficient invoicing.

No Monthly Subscription Fees:

  • LABL stands out from traditional subscription-based models by eliminating monthly subscription fees.

  • Users have the flexibility to use LABL without any ongoing commitment, making it a cost-effective choice for various needs.

Add-On-Based Charging:

  • LABL charges users based on the add-ons they select to enhance their platform experience.

  • Add-ons are additional features or functionalities that users can choose according to their specific requirements.

  • The add-on-based charging system allows users to tailor LABL to their needs without paying for unnecessary features.

Transparency in Billing:

  • LABL is committed to transparency in billing, ensuring users have a clear understanding of the charges they incur.

  • Users can view and manage their selected add-ons through an intuitive dashboard, providing real-time information on their billing status. This dashboard can be accessed here.

Invoicing Process:

  • LABL follows a straightforward invoicing process to keep users informed about their financial transactions.

  • Invoices are generated based on the selected add-ons and are accessible through the user's LABL account.

  • Users receive notifications when new invoices are generated, allowing them to stay on top of their financial commitments.

Payment Options:

  • LABL supports various payment options to accommodate user preferences.

  • Users can securely make payments through credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or other accepted methods. To add a new form of payment you can click here.

Add-Ons Management:

  • Users can easily manage their selected add-ons through the LABL dashboard.

  • The platform provides options to add, remove, or modify add-ons, giving users full control over their experience and associated costs.

Customer Support:

  • LABL's customer support is available to assist users with any billing-related inquiries.

  • Users can reach out for clarification on charges, assistance with the invoicing process, or any other billing-related concerns.

LABL's invoicing and subscription model offers a flexible and transparent approach to billing. With no monthly subscription fees, users have the freedom to choose add-ons based on their specific needs, ensuring a cost-effective and tailored experience. The platform's commitment to transparency and user-friendly management tools makes LABL a reliable choice for individuals and businesses seeking a customizable solution without the burden of traditional subscription costs.